Thermal Management

As electronic devices become an ever increasing part of our daily lives through further integration into the products that we regularly use, OEMs’ challenges associated with advancing complexities and miniaturization of technology brings new power consumption, heat, thermal design and thermal engineering challenges. The impact of “The Internet of Things” further integrates high performance electronic devices into both traditional and non-traditional applications at exponential rates, with the expectation that these devices are higher powered, smaller, streamlined and efficient with vibrant displays and trusted performance. Heat management, effective thermal conductivity and thermal management solutions become a serious bottleneck to device evolution.

Boyd’s TransTherm™ thermal management products are a widely diverse set of passive cooling solutions with optimized thermal conductivity ideal for applications in a variety of markets including automotive electronic control units, display technology heat spreading, mobile computing CPUs, batteries, display modules, enterprise electronic chip and heat sinks, LED lighting, lithium-ion hybrid or electric vehicle batteries, and other high performance applications.

In 2016, Boyd Corporation introduced Densified SOLIMIDE® polyimide open-cell foam as an enhanced thermal shield with excellent vibration damping capabilities ideal for thermal management in small spaces.

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  • Improved device efficiency, performance reliability & stability through effective heat management
  • Support electronic device innovation & continued evolution by creating more efficient thermal management capability
  • Wide range of thermal conductivities in-plane (x/y-axis) & through-plane (z-axis)
  • Heat shielding or heat spreading
  • Electrically conductive or insulating
  • Customized to specific application needs including specific operating temperature ranges, degree of conformity, internal strength, outgassing, durometer & other physical characteristics
  • Outstanding sealing in extreme conditions
  • Ultraviolet, ozone & chemical resistant
  • UL 94 & NEMA flame ratings
  • Low compression set
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compound) options
  • Naturally tacky or available with adhesive
  • Meet agency, government, military, custom standards & specifications
  • Silicone / non-silicone options
  • Reworkable thermal adhesives


  • TransTherm™ thermal gap fillers, thermal pads, ultra-soft      thermal gap fillers, ultra-thin thermal gap fillers, high      performance thermal gap fillers, putty-type & phase change      material
  • Thermal greases & putties
  • Heat sinks
  • Ultra soft materials
  • Copper & aluminum film & foil heat spreader
  • Reinforced or non-reinforced
  • Single or double-sided adhesive
  • Thermally conductive adhesives
  • Graphite heat spreader, natural graphite, synthetic graphite
  • Phase change material
  • Densified SOLIMIDE® heat shields

Market Applications:

  • ECU (electronic control unit) heat spreading & transfer for      reliable automotive electronic performance
  • Touchscreen, LED & LCD device display backlight thermal      transfer
  • Power module temperature management
  • Mobile computing & smartphone CPU, power source &      display touch temperature management, shielding of      batteries, power component cooling & OLED/LCD hot spot      spreading
  • Enterprise electronic device chipset and heat sink heat      transfer for improved operating efficiency & extended device      lifetime
  • LED lighting thermal conductivity from encapsulated bulb      through board for touch temperature management, improved      performance efficiency and preservation of true bulb color      and lifetime
  • Lithium-ion battery temperature management for operating      temperature stabilization, improved efficiency, extended      battery lifetime and enhanced consumer safety


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Mobile Electronics

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